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Should I Hit Down On My Golf Drives?Golfers looking to hit their driver consistently should look to sweep the ball away off the tee and not hit down through impact.

Striking down at impact increases the angle of attack into the ball. This causes a very downward blow which reduces loft. With a driver players need to ensure they try to hit the ball with an upward swing arc which will not only deliver the correct amount of loft to the ball at impact but also produce the optimal launch and spin rates.

When a golfer strikes down on the ball with a driver the initial flight will be lower than usual before steadily rising into the air as some of the back spin imparted at impact takes hold. This ball flight will lack power, distance and consistency.

To hit a driver with an upward arc follow this guide.

  • Address the ball with the feet shoulder width apart and the ball positioned just inside the left heel to help the driver swing arc bottom out just before the ball
  • The ball should be teed up high. At least half the ball should rise above the top edge of the driver. This again will help a player strike the ball on the up
  • Keep balanced whilst swinging the club back. Players dont want big weight shifts back and through. Feel as though you are turning behind the ball
  • A smooth rhythm is essential for a successful shot. Its important the strike be clean so the small amount of loft can have the most effect and help the ball rise into the air
  • The ball needs to be struck just after the bottom of the clubs arc, this should be achieved by placing the ball inside the left heel, but golfers can feel they are sweeping the ball away just off the top of the tee
  • Feel as though the body stays behind the ball at impact, sweep the ball away and let it be gathered up by the swing and finish in a full balanced position

Because of the difference in loft between irons and drivers, players need to ensure they strike up through the ball and not down.

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A very high ball flight can be achieved with a driver by striking down. However, this occurs when the club fires underneath the ball which impacts over the top edge of the driver. This is called a roofed golf shot and has nothing to do with the clubs loft at impact.

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A professional will actively try to strike down on their iron shots to produce the optimal ball flight. However, the irons are different than the driver because of their higher amount of loft. A golfer striking down on a driver will not produce a pro flight as the top pros (and longest drivers) strike up and through impact.

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Striking the ball consistently with the driver has very little to do with striking down on the ball. For the most consistent drives players need to sweep the ball away and achieve a shallow swing arc.