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Correct Golf Answer Yes, to deaden the impact

When faced with a fast downhill chip and putt, playing the ball from the toe can help players increase feel.

Balls struck from the toe will come off the club with less speed. The toe impact almost acts like a deadening device, killing any speed. Because of this playing the ball from the toe should only be used when trying to nudge the ball on its way. Hitting shots from the toe is not advisable on longer shots because of the lack of spin and control available.

To hit better shots from the toe on chips and putts use the following guide.


  • Hold the club down the grip for more control, almost near the shaft.
  • The club face should be square to the target and the shoulders parallel to this line.
  • Like most chip shots, the feet and hips should be slightly open to the target line.
  • The ball should be positioned just back of center in the stance with 60% of body weight on the front foot and the hands should be opposite the front thigh.
  • When the club is settled it should address the ball from the toe. This is important because this is where you want to strike the ball.
  • After taking the correct set up, the swing is mostly controlled with the shoulders rocking back and through.
  • As the shoulders rock back, the arms, wrists and hands stay connected with each other. This means the arms move back under the control of the shoulders, the wrists move back under control of the arms and the hands rock back and through.
  • At impact the left arm and back of the left wrist should be held firm to ensure there is no flicking of the club head at the ball.
  • When hitting, the toe should make contact with the ball. The effect will be to deaden the ball flight and pop it towards the hole.


  • Start with the feet shoulder width apart, set parallel to the target line.
  • Place the ball just forward of centre in the stance with weight 50/50 on each foot.
  • Use your putting grip, perhaps holding the club a little further down the handle.
  • Use your normal putting posture (a little tilt from the hips so the eyes are hanging over the ball).
  • Aim the club face at your intended target and address the ball from the toe of the putter
  • Start the stroke with a very slight forward press, moving the hands ahead of the ball by an inch.
  • The shoulders should drive the stroke, rocking them back and forwards, the club should be moving like a pendulum.
  • The putter should impact the ball on the toe and send it rolling towards the target. The speed should be drastically reduced. It will just get the ball rolling.

When faced with a tricky downhill shot, golfers can play the ball from the toe and deaden the impact of the ball.

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Because the shot length will be relatively short, the chance to create side spin (especially with the wedge) is limited. The idea is to take spin away from the shot and deaden the impact.

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On most shots, striking the ball from the centre of the club face is the best way to maintain control of the ball. However, hitting the ball from the toe is designed to just get the ball moving and should not really be attempted on longer shots.

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Because the swing is so short, there will not be too much chance for the shot to be inconsistent.