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Should I Ever Have a Short FinishControlling distance is one of the most important factors of being successful in golf. Even if off target, a shot that is the correct distance will never be too far away from the flag. It is something that professionals excel at - calculating the distance needed and hitting it within a yard or two or that distance. If you want to hit it pin high, improve your control with a short finish.

To do this you will need to swing at approximately 80% of normal power - do not worry, this will not necessarily reduce the distance of your shot as the contact will be much more efficient.

1. Take a normal length back swing and focus on the rotation of the chest throughout the whole motion.

2. Hit through the ball turning the chest to face the target fully. The body weight should be on the front foot and you should be able to stand up straight to watch the golf ball home in on its target.

3. Once facing the target fully, keep the arms out in front of the chest, dont let them carry on and take the golf club over the shoulder and round the back. At most, the right arm, (for right handers) should fold across the front of the chest. When swinging shorter in this way the swing should feel connected, which means that all parts feel like they move together.

A great drill to practice a controlled, short finish is to hit golf balls with a golf towel placed across the chest, held in place by tucking it under both armpits. This keeps the arms and body together and puts the focus on turning the body through the ball instead of swinging the arms up and over the shoulders.

Great examples of professionals that swing short are: Darren Clarke, Steve Stricker, or Mark OMeara. All are masters of distance control and you could be too.

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It is the body turn and hand speed through the ball that governs the distance that the ball is hit and not how far the arms swing through. Effectively the golf ball has been hit, whatever happens in the follow through doesnt make any difference to the golf shot.

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A valid point, you must not quit on the shot. However, if the body turns through to face the target and you accelerate through the impact area you will not slow down through the ball and quit on the shot.

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A short finish is only one of the factors you need to hit a low punch shot. Just finishing short on its own will give you more control and the ball will fly as high as normal.