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Should I Ever Use A Driver From The Golf FairwayHow many times do we see players do this on tour? The answer is very rarely because one of the hardest shots in golf is to hit a driver from the fairway and hit it with control, power and accuracy.

The most effective area of the club for a player to hit the driver is in the centre and just above the equator line of the club face to lessen the spin created and produce a high penetrating ball flight as the club sweeps the ball on the way up from the bottom of the arc. Due to the club faces depth, hitting the ball from the ground will be extremely difficult as the ball will not be hit high enough up the club face to maximize distance and height for the shot which can cause a low ball flight due to the launch angle being very low. It can cause the ball to spin sideways around its axis causing poor direction. The way in which the ball spins is dependent on the swing path into the ball and the club face angle relative to the path at impact.

As the launch angle is extremely low when using a driver from the ground, this shot can be particularly impressive when played from a tight links fairway hitting into a gusty wind towards a par 5 green. The ball will need to be hit perfectly for the ball not to spin either side of the target but when it is hit cleanly it will fly further than a 3 wood could go in such conditions due to the launch angle with controlled spin.

To hit this shot, the ball should be placed a little further back in the stance from where the driver usually is. Be aware this puts more pressure on the speed of your release through impact in order to make sure the club face is square to the target. The weight should favor the left side in order to make sure the weight is on the left at impact but this is something that should be tried first. Some players perform better when their weight is more central. Making sure the weight is on the left side at impact will encourage the hands to be ahead of the ball and give a slightly more descending blow into the ball so the angle of attack isnt too shallow. If you are capable of this shot and need it then use it with confidence.

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For 90% of golfers, the driver should only be used on the tee. Swing control and consistency needs to be very high to hit this shot well under the pressure of competition.

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The deep face of the driver does make the shot much harder to perform and that is why it should not really be used from the ground unless your confidence in the shot is high and it is a justified shot selection. The depth of the club will encourage a low ball flight and a lot of roll if the shot is well executed.

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Clever course management would suggest you do not use this shot wherever you can or you will have a long day looking for balls in the trees. If you consistently need more distance then look at your swing and set up for the answers and look at using your hybrids to hit pitch shots.