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If I Have Limited Mobility Should I Just Use My Arm In My Golf SwingFor a player who feels they have limited mobility in the swing, it is important to figure out where the limited mobility is. Before playing golf or starting golf, it is highly recommended that you take a doctors screen test to work out your strengths and weaknesses so that when trying to perform certain aspects of the swing, they arent forced and therefore cause further injury.

Players with limited mobility may find it easier to go on to the practice ground and try a number of drills to help find their limits of swing. Of course you want the swing to be as long, wide and powerful as possible but that isnt always the case. The minimal requirement is that the ball is struck correctly and the body moves in such a way to not cause further injury. For example, a bowing left wrist and steep angle of attack can lead to tendinitis of the left elbow (tennis elbow). A player with limited rotation should need to use more arms during the swing. This will help extend the golf swing without pressurizing the back or injured areas.

A good drill to practise would to be go to the range, play with your feet together and the ball positioned centrally in the stance and hit shots focusing on the ball striking rather than creating more power and distance. This technique is designed to build up ball striking, and over a round of golf, if you can leave the course happy with your striking then you have had a better day than those trying to hit the ball as far as possible and lose the balls and finish way over their handicaps!

Once this drill has been practised, start to widen the stance. The extra width will encourage a little rotation of the hips and shoulders depending on your own personal capabilities which will then allow you to start to hit the ball further with the good ball striking the previous drill helped with.

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A player with limited rotation during the swing will struggle to carry on the sport without using the arms. It is vital that golfers can still get round the course and enjoy it as a hobby. The arms can tend to cause more inconsistency but when they are working alone without the hips and shoulders, their consistency will increase albeit at the expense of distance.

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Using more wrists is an aspect of the swing that can certainly generate more power through club head speed. This movement will lead to some inconsistencies in ball striking as they increase the angle of attack into the ball and the timing is imperative to get right time after time. To add this into your game, you will need a lot of practise.

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Mobility is based on the amount the body can move during the swing. Placing the ball further back in the stance will not help the golfer swing further or faster but may cause more off centre strikes at impact. Keep the ball positioned centrally and work on the best swing possible.