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If I Want To Rebuild My Golf Swing How Should I Set About ItIf you want to rebuild your golf swing, you initially need to identify the alterations that are required to your movement. Your golf swing has a knock on effect during its movement and you may actually see an issue that needs correcting but to achieve the improvement, the movement beforehand needs altering as it is this which is causing the problem.

For example, you may notice that you are across the line at the top of your golf swing. This means that the shaft of the golf club at the top of your golf swing is aiming to the right of the target. This position may be being caused though because it is a product of an incorrect takeaway and without actually correcting your takeaway, you will find it extremely difficult to improve the position at the top of your back swing.

To rebuild your golf swing, initially identify the true cause of what you want to correct. The easiest way to do this is to have a session with a qualified PGA Teaching Professional. They will identify the cause of the movement that you currently have very quickly. Once you have identified how your movement needs to alter and what you need to rebuild, you then need to train yourself to make the new movement.

It can be helpful to introduce a drill or two, to give you the feeling for the new movement. As human beings, none of us like change. We are more comfortable with familiar feelings and movements. Change takes us out of our comfort zone and we revert back to comfy. Using a drill to help you learn the new movement that will feel very strange initially can help you to quickly learn the feeling you need to have.

Once you know the new feeling, you now need to rehearse this feeling and repeat it over and over again. Initially, it will help you if you do the movement correctly and slowly. It is doing it correctly and the new way that is crucial rather than the speed. Once you become more competent with the new movement, you can then gradually speed the movement up, but making sure that you keep it correct – remember it is the correct movement that is the priority, over the speed of the movement. Training yourself without the golf ball involved will really help to improve your focus on to the movement and help you to learn the feeling to experience much more quickly.

Ensure that you keep focused on achieving the correct new movement and keep repeating it until it becomes more instinctive and more familiar. Once you are at this point, you can then begin to increase the speed of the movement and begin hitting the ball. Hit a short distance with slow swings to begin with and gradually increase your shot distance the more competent you become with the movement. But remember, it is not the quantity of balls that you hit, it is the number of times that you repeat the new movement that is important.

Once you are up to a fuller swing speed on the range or practise ground, then you need to transfer this swing feeling on to the golf course. Focus on how well you copy the new swing movement, rather than the score when you first go out on to the course. If you are making the new improved movement, the score will take care of itself.

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Hitting lots of golf balls will not alter your golf swing. Its the quality of how you swing, not the quantity of balls that you hit. If you want to actually make a change to your swing and alter your movement, you need to do this when you hit the ball, no matter how many you hit. If you hit loads of balls with your old action, you are simply ingraining that action, not changing it.

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Having too many swing thoughts will cause you to become confused and frustrated with your golf swing and you will not hit good shots at all. When anyone plays their best golf, they only have one or two swing thoughts to anchor their mind on to achieving. Having too many thoughts and changes will not allow you to focus well and you will end up not changing anything.

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Tips in golf magazines are really useful to golfers but only if you actually need them. Magazine tips are written generically and you may not actually need that tip. If you want to make an effective change and rebuild your golf swing, you need to see a PGA Professional who will identify exactly what you as an individual golfer need to alter. They will then guide you with how to achieve the changes and give you drills to follow to help you make the changes permanent.