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How Can I Hit Perfect Golf Flop Shots Every Time?The perfect flop shot will see a golfer able to escape from tight and tricky situations around the green.

Its a technique used probably most famously by tour professional Phil Mickleson who has the ability to send the ball sky rocketing upward and landing softly on the green from sometimes only a matter of yards.

The shot calls for a technique similar to a splash bunker shot with a few modifications. The first thing a golfer needs, however, is an appropriate lie and a high lofted wedge, at least 58 degrees. Playing this shot off a very tight lie is almost impossible for most normal handicap golfers so try to ensure the ball is sat up before attempting the shot. Follow this technique to hit perfect flop shots every time.

  • First rotate the club open so the face points directly up at the sky. Imagine you can rest a glass full of water on the face without it falling off
  • After the club face has been rotated, take your normal grip. Holding further down the handle will increase control. Taking hold of the club and then rotating the face open would have a negative effect as the club face would simply rotate closed through impact
  • If you were to hit the shot with a normal set up (body parallel to the target line), the ball would fly high and right of the target. To make sure this doesnt happen, rotate the body to the left until the leading edge of the club points at the target
  • Place about 60% body weight on to the front when the lie is tight but keep it even when the lie is fluffy. On a tighter lie, you want the club firing underneath the ball quickly, with a fluffy lie the angle of attack needs to be shallower
  • The club should be taken away steeply using a quick wrist hinge, similar to a bunker shot. A quick wrist hinge will help the golfer swing down and underneath the ball
  • When swinging down, club head speed should be high. You should try to cut the legs from underneath the ball and accelerate through to a full follow through
  • If the shot has been played successfully the ball will fly high and land softly on the green

Impress your friends by using your splash bunker shot technique to play these high flighted, soft landing golf shots.

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Hitting a flop shot can be a dangerous proposition as a thinned shot will travel low and a long way. Hitting the ball excessively hard will only make these bad shots worse. Try to focus on committing to the swing but dont swing excessively hard.

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Scooping upwards will seem like the intuitive thing to do for most golfers when trying to hit the ball high, however it is very difficult to hit upwards on something that is already on the ground. Try to avoid letting the club face overtake your hands during the impact phase.

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Excessively hitting down on the golf ball can create too much forwards shaft lean and therefore de-loft the club too much, this in turn will create a lower flying golf shot.