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How Can I Hit The Golf Flop ShotThe flop shot is a useful shot to be able to pull off on the golf course. When you find yourself shortsided, in need of hitting over a bunker or over a tree, the flop shot will help you out.

So what is a flop shot? A flop shot is where you make a swing to get the golf ball to pop up high and stop quickly upon landing.

To play the flop shot, you need to open the club face on your lob wedge so the loft of the club is pointing more towards the sky. The added loft will increase the elevation on the golf ball. The next step is to widen your base and to lower the handle of the club. Lowering the handle allows the open club face to still be aligned at the target. The leading edge of the club will be aiming right of target but the loft of the club will be pointing at the target. The ball position should be forward of centre with the shaft vertical from club head to the grip. From this set up position, you need to make a swing where you maintain the loft of the club and return the shaft to its original address position on a wide arc.

The result will be a shot where you make a large swing compared to the distance the golf ball will travel. Practise this shot on the chipping area to see how much speed and length of swing is required to hit the ball the desired distance.

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If you position the golf ball back in your stance, you are encouraging a downward attack angle and also promoting a lower loft on the club. When playing a flop shot, you want more loft on the club face and a fairly shallow attack on the ball in order to pop the ball up high and land softly on the green.

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By driving the grip end of the club towards the ball too much, you will either open or de-loft the club face at impact. When hitting a flop shot, you are increasing the clubs loft in order to hit the ball higher. Try and feel like youre returning the shaft to vertical at impact rather than driving the handle in front of the ball when hitting a flop shot.

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Flicking the wrists under during the swing can help increase the clubs loft in order to hit a flop shot. The problem is controlling the wrist action in order to hit consistent flop shots. It is more consistent to open the club face at address then maintain this loft during the swing in order to hit a flop shot.