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The Flop Shot: Mastering the High-Arched Shot

In the world of golf, there are many terms and shots that can be confusing for beginners. One such term is the “flop shot.” The flop shot is a high-arched shot that is typically used when you need to get the ball over an obstacle, such as a bunker or a tree, and land it softly on the green. It requires precision, control, and a good understanding of the technique involved.

  • Set-up:
  • Before attempting a flop shot, you need to set up properly. Start by gripping the club gently, ensuring that the clubface remains open throughout the shot. Open the stance slightly to allow for a higher swing path and more loft on the shot.
  • Club Selection:
  • The flop shot is usually performed with a wedge, specifically a lob wedge or a sand wedge. These clubs have a higher loft which helps in getting the ball up quickly and landing it softly on the green.
  • Ball Position:
  • Place the ball towards the front of your stance, closer to your lead foot. This allows for maximum loft and helps in getting the ball up in the air quickly.
  • Swing Technique:
  • With the required club and proper set-up, it's time to focus on the swing technique. The flop shot requires a gentle and controlled swing. Take a slightly wider stance to maintain balance and prevent swaying during the swing.
  • As you begin your backswing, hinge your wrists early to create more angle between the club and your forearms. This will help increase the loft on the shot. During the downswing, aim to come down steeply on the ball, making contact with the clubface still open. This will impart even more loft on the shot and help it pop up quickly.
  • Follow-through:
  • After striking the ball, continue the swing through the shot, allowing the clubface to close naturally. This prevents a potential mishit and helps maintain control over the shot.
  • Practice:
  • Like any other golf shot, the flop shot requires practice to master. Find a practice area with a green and some obstacles to mimic real playing conditions. Start with shorter shots and gradually increase the distance as you become more comfortable and confident with the technique.

The flop shot can be a valuable weapon in your golfing arsenal, allowing you to navigate challenging situations on the course with finesse and precision. It requires patience, practice, and a deep understanding of the technique involved. By following the proper set-up, club selection, and swing technique, you can master the flop shot and add it to your repertoire of shots to impress your fellow golfers.