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Golf Question: What Causes A Pushed Golf Shot?A push shot is a common bad shot for a player who tends to draw the ball and it can be identified when the ball starts to the right of the target before flying straight through the air to finish right.

This shot is caused by an in to out swing path with the club face square (straight) to the path. There will not be any curvature on the ball as essentially it is a straight shot.

Golfers who draw the ball will have this same swing path but the club face will be pointing left of the path but right of the target. The opposite of this would be a pull which is a common bad shot for players who slice the ball.

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As a general rule, the golf ball will start where the club face is pointing and if the face is pointing to the left at impact then it will start left. What happens after that is dependent on the club faces relationship with the swing path. For example, if the ball starts left and goes straight left it is known as a pull and the swing path is out to in with the face square to the path but all left of the target. If the club face is closed to the target and the path, the ball will start left and curve further to the left depending on the severity of the club face angle at impact.

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Ball flights need to be understood by players for their game to improve in the long term. Once you can identify the shot you are hitting, only then can you look to identify the flaws in your swing.

When the golf club cuts across your body (out to in swing path) with an open club face, this creates a slice and misses the target to the right. When a player swings from in to out with a square club face to the swing path, it creates a push shot, again finishing right of target, but a player must differentiate between the two characteristics of ball flights before being able to correct any wrong doings in the swing.

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A steep angle of attack will not cause the ball to miss right of the target as a push shot would. It would, however, inhibit the distance on the ball through the trajectory it is being hit at. If you are missing the target right and it is a push shot causing this, look more at your swing path and club face relationship, not the angle you hit the ball from.