push shots pushing the ball

Pushed Shot (aka Pushing the Ball)

A pushed shot in golf refers to a type of errant shot that tends to veer off to the right for right-handed golfers or to the left for left-handed golfers. This type of shot results in the ball not traveling straight towards the intended target but instead moving away from it in a sideways direction. Let's explore the causes, effects, and possible corrections for a pushed shot in golf:

  • Incorrect alignment: One of the main causes of a pushed shot is incorrect alignment. When the golfer's body is aligned too far to the right (for right-handed golfers), the clubface has a tendency to open at impact, causing the ball to be pushed to the right.
  • Weak grip: Another factor that contributes to a pushed shot is a weak grip. If a golfer's grip is too weak, it can result in an open clubface at impact, leading to a pushed shot.
  • Swing path: The swing path also plays a crucial role in a pushed shot. If the swing path is too much from the inside-out, it can cause the clubface to open, resulting in a pushed shot.
  • Ball position: Improper ball position can lead to a pushed shot as well. If the ball is positioned too far forward in the stance, it can cause the golfer to reach too much with their hands, resulting in an open clubface and a pushed shot.

Now that we understand the causes, let's discuss the effects of a pushed shot:

  • Missed target: The primary effect of a pushed shot is missing the intended target. The ball travels in the opposite direction of the target, potentially leading to penalty strokes or unfavorable playing positions.
  • Reduced distance: A pushed shot often lacks the desired power and distance due to the misalignment of the clubface and swing path. This can make it challenging to reach the target in the expected number of shots.
  • Loss of control: Accuracy and control are compromised when a golfer consistently pushes the ball. This can affect overall scoring and confidence on the course.

Lastly, let's explore potential corrections for a pushed shot:

  • Proper alignment: Ensuring correct alignment is crucial to avoiding a pushed shot. Golfers should align their body and clubface parallel to the target line to promote a square clubface at impact.
  • Strong grip: A stronger grip can help prevent the clubface from opening at impact. Golfers should focus on creating a grip that suits their swing style and promotes a square clubface.
  • Improved swing path: Golfers should work on their swing path to avoid excessive inside-out swings. This can be achieved through practice drills and professional guidance.
  • Correct ball position: Placing the ball in the appropriate position in the stance helps promote solid contact and a square clubface. Golfers should experiment with different ball positions to find the one that works best for them.

By addressing these potential causes and making the necessary corrections, golfers can minimize or even eliminate the occurrence of pushed shots, leading to improved accuracy and overall performance on the golf course.