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Golf Question What Do People Mean When They Say Fire The Right Side In A Golf SwingThe ability to move the body correctly through impact is very important for golfers wishing to achieve high levels of power and consistency.

This movement of body parts though impact is known as firing the right side. It occurs when the hips move laterally towards the target as the beginning of the down swing before rotating. The push off the right side and rotation of the hips is what gives rise to the term firing the right side.

Follow this sequence of movements to reproduce this movement.

  • The club is taken away from the ball using the hands, arms, shoulders, torso and hips in that order.
  • As the hips are the last thing to move during the back swing they turn a relatively small amount.
  • At the beginning of the down swing, the sequence is reversed and the hips rotate toward the target turning through the same position they were at address continuing to turn towards the target. At impact, the hips should have opened to the target.
  • After impact, when the golfer raises up out of the posture to face the target, the hips, chest and eyes should be all facing forward.
  • For a full rotation, the hips and shoulders can continue to turn past this point.

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The right hand and arm have a vital role to play in delivering a large amount of power into the shot, however, the term firing the right side usually refers to the main trunk of the body and not the arms or hands.

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As a golfer swings through the ball, the right heel will begin to rise naturally until at the finish position it is pointing straight down into the ground. However, firing the right side requires a movement left towards the target by driving off the right foot and rolling on to the instep. Just lifting up the heel will not work in the same way.

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The right side should fire and turn. Players should try to resist the urge to dip the right side downward as this will result in a loss of height through impact and lead to inconsistent striking. To fire the right side, move laterally towards the target and rotate the body.