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Stand farther from the ball with your arms extended

While less common than hitting shots off the clubs toe (the end farthest from the shaft), heel shots still plague a wide range of golfers. Shots struck on this part of the club lack distance and accuracy. They also send an unpleasant, clunky sensation into the hands and – worst of all – can be a signal that the dreaded shanks are coming soon.

Heres the good news: Usually, fixing heel shots is a simple matter of adjusting your address. Thats where the typical causes – standing too close to the ball, slack or sagging arms, and excess weight on the toes of your feet – are rooted.

If you suffer from heel shots, seek a potential cure in this order:

1. Inch slightly father from the ball. When you stand too close and fully extend your arms coming into the ball, you push the clubface outward from its address position and create a heel strike. You may hit the ball fat, too.

2. Check your arm position as you set up. The left (lead arm) should be firm and straight, but not rigid, from the elbow to the club; a small amount of slack in the right arm is OK. Basically, the arms should be in the same position at address as you want them at impact – extended from the body.

3. Make sure your weight is evenly balanced on the arches of your feet. Too much weight toward your toes and youll tilt forward while swinging. In fact, the finish of your swing will tell you if this is the case: Do you tend to fall forward after impact? If so, theres your issue.

While these are fairly simple solutions to the problem, setting up with the correct amount of space between you and the ball, with proper arm position and balance, is easier said than done. Watch this video tip for a method that works every time, with any club:

Address the Ball at the Perfect Distance

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Crowding the ball is a sure way to induce heel shots – think of a baseball player getting “jammed” by an inside pitch. Without sufficient room to extend into the ball, the arms (and club) will reach beyond it. Standing too close can also cause an over-the-top (outside-to-inside) swing path and a tendency to slice.

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Droopy arms often happen in concert with standing too close. Step back, stretch the arms at address (without tensing up) and catch the ball on the sweet spot.

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Good balance is a bedrock fundamental all skilled golfers share. Tip forward, backward or side to side and bad things happen.