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correct golf answer Maintain consistent spine angle throughout the swing

Toe shots, where the ball is struck with the far end of the clubface, are common among golfers of all levels. A toe strike costs you both distance and accuracy while producing a clunky, unsatisfying feeling.

Its easy to determine if youre hitting toe shots. After hitting an iron, check the clubface for a distinctive grass spot. Thats where you hit the ball. With a driver, look for a tee mark on the bottom of the club.

The primary cause of misses on the toe is a tendency to lift the upper body during the swing. This pulls the club away from the ball, resulting in off-center contact. Ideally, your posture should remain the same from setup into the follow through as you simply rotate the body around a stable spine.

It sounds easy to achieve, but maintaining your spine angle requires practice and reinforcement. It helps to have strong core muscles and good balance, too. Here are a few more keys:

  • Dont bend from the waist – bend from the hips: This will keep your spine straight, not curved or hunched. Bonus: Its better for your back, too.
  • Spine should tilt a little right at address: Since the right hand is lower on the club than the left hand, this should happen naturally. Check your setup position in the mirror; your upper body should lean about 5° to your right (away from the target) to enable a smooth, full shoulder turn.
  • Shoulders and spine remain perpendicular: This is a good visual/mental cue. As you swing back and through, keep the shoulders at right angles to the spine, without tipping in one direction or the other.

For a thorough lesson on maintaining your spine angle, watch this short video:

Toe contact is maddening, no doubt, but its usually curable with a simple adjustment or two. These links provide more solutions to this everyday ailment:

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If anything, you should try the opposite by leaning slightly forward. Placing too much weight on the heels is a leading cause of toe shots, pulling you off balance and away from the ball. Youll also lose power and accuracy.

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Golfers who “cast” the club from the top typically suffer from an outside-to-inside (over-the-top) swing path, causing slices and toe shots. Skilled golfers swing on an inside-to-out path, which produces solid, more accurate and powerful shots.

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Again, the opposite (longer clubs) may actually be your answer. With clubs that are too short, youll struggle to reach the ball on the downswing. Along the same lines, standing too far from the ball can cause shots off the toe.