The WILSON STAFF INFINITE WINDY CITY looks absolutely fantastic and it's built with a state of the art counterbalanced-technology for offering you loads of control and consistency during your strokes. Its name is the trademark of the city of Chicago, Windy City that is, and it represents the company's home location. The WILSON STAFF INFINITE WINDY CITY looks very classy, almost retro, with its beautiful heel-toe design, but when it comes to performance, this baby is as modern as it gets! Let's see what's up with the counterbalanced-technology, shall we? Basically, the putter comes with an added weight in the grip and in the head, that works by changing the balance point closer to your hands, thus creating a higher MOI (moment of inertia) for the entire driver.

    In this way, you will benefit from a more stable and controlled putting stroke, round after round. For providing you with more consistency in the greens, the WILSON STAFF INFINITE WINDY CITY comes with a special grip technology, namely oversized Infinite grips, which weigh 104 grams, while the heads weigh anywhere between 355-365 grams; this combo helps with removing the unwanted rotation of the arms and wrists during your stroke. Bottom line, if you want a well made putter, with excellent weight distribution, a nice feel and grip and good distance control, well, this is it.