Ping Rhapsody Putter Series Review
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    The Ping Rhapsody Putter Series is part of the company's line of golf gear designed and engineered especially for women golfers. In the Ping Rhapsody Putter Series, you'll discover 3 of Ping's most successful and enduring models, which are aimed and focused at offering female golfers tons of confidence and unmatched consistency on the golf course. Being highly accurate, but without compromising forgiveness in the process, the Ping Rhapsody Putter Series comes with the high-tech and Tour proven True Roll face technology, which provides unparalleled ball speed consistency, all across the face, regardless where you hit it. The face of each of the putters in the Rhapsody series is precision milled, for reducing three puts and being the key for holing more putts.

    Regardless of your stroke type, you'll definitely feel like home using the Ping Rhapsody Putter Series, thanks to the optional adjustable length shafts, for fine tuning your game. Each of the 3 putter models available in the Ping Rhapsody Putter Series features a high moment of inertia (MOI) together with the True Roll face technology, and according to Ping's own studies in the field, all these high tech features are clearly making a difference in terms of ball speed consistency, especially when used properly, via their adjustable length shafts, resulting into significant improvements in terms distance control. Compared to other (older) putters in Ping's portfolio, the new Ping Rhapsody Putters are significantly easier to align, while the mid sized green grip has an excellent design and feels very comfortable, helping decisively with the lining up. Also, all the putters in the Ping Rhapsody Putter Series are counterbalanced, featuring an extra weight under the grip/in the head, helping with increasing the moment of inertia (basically, the resistance to twisting), making it more accurate.