In golf, simple is almost always better. That is certainly true when it comes to trying to stabilize the position of the bottom of your swing. If you can successfully simplify the mechanics that you use to move the club back and through the shot, you will be able to more consistently find the same bottom point with each club. Complicated swings may occasionally result in good shots, but it is unlikely they will ever offer you the necessary consistency to post good scores.

Mechanics Lesson Chart

Three Long Golf Putt Adjustments To Your Mechanics
The Mechanics Of The Golf Stinger Shot
The Proper Mechanics For A Soft Golf Wedge Shot
Good Putting Mechanics To Improve Your Golf
Simplify Your Golf Swing Mechanics

Putting Stroke Mechanics
The Mechanics Of An Arc Putting Stroke
The Mechanics Of Escaping From Deep Rough
The Mechanics Of Straight-Back Straight-Through Golf Putting Stroke
The Mechanics Of A Good Hip Turn In The Golf Swing
The Mechanics Of The Golf Chip Shot From Just Off The Green
The Mechanics Of The Golf Punched Shots
Evaluating Your Current Golf Divot Making Mechanics
Getting Your Golf Impact Position Right Is All About Swing Mechanics
The Right Mechanics In Executing A One Piece Takeaway
Master The Greens With Better Golf Putting Stroke Mechanics
Mechanics For A Powerful Golf Driver Swing
Mechanics to Create a Connected Golf Swing
Putters Putting Stroke Mechanics For A Conventional Motion
The First Step Is Proper Golf Swing Mechanics
The Mechanics Of A Connected Golf Swing
The Mechanics Of A Late Release In The Golf Swing