TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Iron Set Review
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    The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Iron Set retails for $699,99 (MSRP) and it's part of the Kalea line aimed at women golfers. Hence, buying this iron set will provide you with, let me quote TaylorMade, beauty in every swing, power in every shot and purpose in every club. Indeed, being designed for lady golfers, the Kalea iron set is all about beauty and functionality in one single package. Being the first line of golf gear designed for women only in over a decade, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Iron Set is engineered with a focus/emphasis on producing higher trajectories and increased yardage for slow swingers through the bag. For achieving these goals, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Iron Set focuses on game improvement features. For example, let me mention the sole slot which is visible in every iron in this set, which helps a lot when it comes to getting the ball airborne, being more flexible and acting in a spring-like fashion upon ball impact, providing higher trajectories and consistency, shot after shot.

    The face slot technology works in tandem with the thinner diameter shaft tip, another design feature that promotes a higher launch trajectory. Also, the irons in the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES set are created using light weight materials for generating more club-head speed, thus increased distance and carry. The proprietary Speed pockets add to ball speed shot after shot, round after round, promoting a farther and longer flight. The Kalea line is specifically designed for optimizing distance gaps from driver to wedge, providing you with playability and confidence for every club in your golf bag. Bottom line, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Iron Set is all about optimized lofts, flexible and thinner shafts and lower/deeper center of gravity locations, for improving launch angles and promoting sped and distance.