Thomas Golf Ladies Hybrid Club Alignment

Thomas Golf ladies hybrid golf clubs all carry a patented alignment aid on the crown, or top, of the club head. This shot accuracy technology makes it much easier to align these hybrid golf clubs correctly and as such this results in golf shots that are struck much more accurately at the target.

To align the hybrid golf club correctly, initially stand directly behind the golf ball and look out towards your target. Select a specific, small target, such as a particular branch of a tree and then imagine a line back from this specific target to the golf ball. Select a mark on this line, such as a divot or a twig. This mark should be approximately one to two inches in front of the golf ball and you are going to use this to aim the club face correctly to the target.

You need to aim the club face to the mark that you have selected just forward of the golf ball, so that the ball will fly off the club face and over the mark towards the target. The golf ball will fly from the club face at a right angle, so align the club face at a right angle to the mark that you have selected to aim at.

Using a Thomas Golf hybrid makes this much easier as the alignment line that is present on the top of their hybrid golf clubs has been designed so that you simply need to point this line at the mark that you wish to aim at and as a result you are correctly aligned.

Ensure that your feet are together and pointing towards the club face, parallel to it so that if you extended the leading edge of the club face towards you, it would hit directly between your feet. Take up your golf stance and you are correctly aligned to play your golf shot.

The Thomas Golf patented alignment system makes aligning your hybrids much easier and you will hit much more accurate golf shots towards your target.

Have a look at the Thomas Golf website and at the array of hybrids that they have to offer, all of which carry this patented alignment system to help make it much easier and simpler for you to hit accurate golf shots, helping you to lower your scores and enjoy your game more.