Thumbs Up To Groove Powerful Late Release, Golf Swing Tip For Women 1

In order to achieve maximum club head speed through impact and therefore distance to your golf shots, work on achieving a late release with the club head into the ball. You will see that this is something all of today’s top players do.

First of all, let us discuss what release means in the golf swing. Once we have a good understanding of what the release is, we can then work on making it as late as possible on the downswing to ensure that we deliver the club head with maximum speed into the golf ball.

On your backswing, your hinge your wrists and create a 90 degree position between the left arm and the club shaft (for right handed golfers). As you begin your downswing, if you begin to 'release' this 90 degree shaft/left arm position into a straight line, you have released the club.Thumbs Up To Groove Powerful Late Release, Golf Swing Tip For Women 3 Better players do not create this straight line relationship between their left arm and the shaft of the club until impact or just slightly after impact with the ball. This late release of the 90 degree left arm/club shaft angle into the straight position delivers maximum club head speed to the ball and creates length and distance to shots.

To achieve this late release, swing to the top of your backswing. As you begin to pull the club downwards towards the ball, work on keeping your thumbs pointed upwards towards the sky even though your arms are pulling down. Keep pointing your thumbs upwards until your hands reach your front right trouser pocket, then at this point you can release the club into the ball and create the straight line between your left arm and club shaft.

If you are not sure how long to keep your thumbs pointing upwards for, place an alignment pole through your front belt hooks. Make your downswing and rather than pointing your thumbs out to the right which releases the club, keep your thumbs pointing upwards towards the sky until your hands reach the alignment pole. You should notice that the handle of the club drops below the alignment pole before the club head does. Now you can make the late release.