Ladies Two-Tee Golf Drill For Added Driver Distance

In this swing tip video we are going to look at a great golf drill to help you achieve more added distance to your drives.

To do this you need two golf tees. Set up to the first golf tee and position it so that it is opposite the inside of your left heel as this is the correct position to hit your tee shots from (for right handed golfers). Place the second tee peg about one to two inches further down the target line, or to the left of the first peg as you are looking at it from your set up position.

You need to work on striking the golf ball from the first tee peg and then striking the second tee peg as well, rather than missing it because the club head is travelling up over it. Doing this will ensure that as you approach the golf ball with the club head on your downswing, you extend the lever of your right arm through the golf ball and release the club head of the driver at full speed in order to reach the second tee peg. If you are striking the second tee peg, the lever of your right arm will be exploding and extending through impact as your body rotates towards the target and this will generate a great deal of club head speed and increase the distance that you are hitting your drives.

If you find that you are unable to strike the second tee peg initially, work on the drill at a slower pace so that you can learn how to move your body slightly differently as you move through impact to generate a higher club head speed. If you are not rotating your body towards the target as you strike the first tee peg, your arms will not be able to extend down the target line so that the club head hits the second tee peg. Instead, the club head will get lifted above the second tee peg as your arms have to bend due to the lack of body rotation through the shot. This means that you are only hitting the golf ball with your arms and this will not produce the length of drive that could be produced by using your arms and your body rotation, as you will not create the same amount of club head speed to strike the club head into the golf ball. If you increase your club head speed, you will increase the distance that you hit the golf ball.

Work on this two tee peg drill and you will begin to hit your drives with both the leverage of your arm extension and the rotation of your body through impact. This will increase the speed you are swinging the driver club head at through impact and you will add distance to your drives.