Watch Ladies Pros To Hit Longer Drives, Golf Tip

    If you want to achieve being able to hit longer drives, it is great idea to watch today’s leading lady golf professionals swing the golf club.

    Lady golf professional’s have a slower swing speed than their male counterparts who can be swinging the golf club at up to 130 miles per hour. At this higher swing speed it initially becomes very difficult to actually observe anything that is happening during the movement. The swing speed is so high that the swing and movement becomes a blur to the naked eye and the technique used can only be observed when slowed down through the use of high speed cameras. By watching lady golf professionals swing the club at a slightly lower swing speed, you will actually see much more of their technique.

    However, the main reason that you can learn to hit longer drives when watching lady golf professionals is that their lower swing speed, 95 miles per hour on average, is much closer to the average swing speed of the average lady golfer, which is 65 miles per hour. Following the technique of a golf professional with a similar swing speed to your own means you can use an extremely similar technique and therefore produce similar results and longer drives.

    Lady professionals cannot use brute force and a high swing speed to achieve tee shot distance, as their male counter parts can, so their distance is achieved through the technique that they use and maximizing their club head speed through optimum angles and levers.

    To achieve longer drives, set up with a shoulder width stance and the ball positioned opposite the inside of your left heel (for right handed golfers). Place the club head next to the golf ball and then place your hands over the crown of the driver. Position your head slightly to the right of your hands and this will set your weight slightly on your right side. Doing this will encourage you to make a rounded, slightly flatter golf swing, that will allow you to make a sweeping action through impact delivering maximum club head speed to the golf ball.

    Rotate your upper body to the right so that your shoulders turn 90 degrees right of their initial start position. Keep your left arm extended throughout your golf swing to maximize your swing arc and generate club head speed. Hinge your wrists to create a 90 degree angle between your left arm and the golf club shaft and this will allow you to create an explosive lever through impact with your right arm, to deliver a high club head speed to the golf ball at impact, producing a long drive.

    Maintain your balance, head position and posture throughout your backswing and then rotate back towards the golf ball from the ground up. Turn your knees, hips, torso and then shoulders towards the target whilst shifting your weight left. Maintain the angle created between your straight left arm and the club shaft until you are hip high on your downswing. Now explode your right arm and extend this lever through impact as you continue to rotate towards the target. Finish in a balanced position, with 95% of your weight on your left side, the golf club wrapped around the back of your neck and your torso rotated left of target.

    This will get you hitting much longer tee shots when you are out on the golf course and the further you are hitting the golf ball with your driver, the easier you are making the game as the closer you will be to the target and the fewer shots you will need to get the golf ball into the hole.