How To Fix Drives Are Going Too Short – Ladies Golf Tip

    If you find that you are hitting drives that are going too short even though you feel you are swinging as fast as possible, then try the following tips to help improve the length you are achieving from the tee.

    One of the main reasons that lady golfers do not hit the ball very far from the tee is because they use their arms too much during their backswing.

    If you are swinging the club away from the golf ball by using your arms and then lifting your arms up, you will not be involving your torso enough during your golf swing and as such you will only be able to generate club head speed with the strength in your arms. If you think of throwing a ball and only using your arm to do this, the ball will never go as far as it would if you rotated your body during the action and used both your arm and your body to throw. The same is true with your golf swing. If you are using only your arms to swing the golf club, you will never hit the golf ball as far as if you involve your body and use both your body and arms to launch the golf ball forward.

    Lifting your arms during your backswing also means that the club head is travelling very steeply and on an upright angle around you. All of your speed travels back down towards the ball at a steep angle, with the club head travelling down towards the ground, rather than towards the target. Your energy is released towards the ground and the ball is struck low and does not travel very far. Work on rotating your upper body 90 degrees to the right of its start position and this will create a lower angle for you to swing the club head around you at and the club head speed will be released towards the target, rather than the ground and the ball will be launched at a higher angle into the air, producing a longer golf shot.

    Another reason that lady golfers struggle to hit long tee shots is that they are not rotating their upper body correctly over their lower body during their backswing. If you are not rotating your shoulders fully, or you are over rotating your hips, you will not create the required difference in rotation between your upper and lower body to create coil and power in your golf swing. To make a correct backswing to generate power, you need to rotate your upper body 90 degrees right of its start position (for right handed golfers) but only rotate you lower body 45 degrees to the right. If you do this and maintain your head position, this will create a twist within your core, or coil. This coil will then allow you to generate a great deal of power that you can unleash during your downswing and into the golf ball, as club head speed, to produce longer golf shots.

    You should also work on instigating your downswing with your lower body if you want to hit longer tee shots. If you rotate your lower body to start your downswing, by turning your knees and then hips towards your target, your upper body will be catapulted from behind your leading lower body at a higher speed through impact and you will hit longer golf shots. If you begin your downswing from your upper body by rotating your shoulders first, you cannot create this catapult effect and so the club head speed of the golf club will be lower and you will not hit your driver as far.

    Work on these tips the next time you hit your driver and you should see that with a little hard work and practice, your drives become much longer.