Keep a Consistent Forward Bend through Impact 1

    Striking the golf ball correctly is one of the major fundamentals that will separate the more proficient golfers from the lesser experienced golfers.

    In order to correctly strike the golf ball on a consistent basis, the height that the club is swung towards the golf ball must be controlled and consistent. The spine angle is one of the major contributing factors to the height of the swing and therefore must be correct and maintained by the golfer in order to improve consistency of ball strike.

    Spine angle and posture will form a big part of achieving an athletic stance and set up position. As the shoulders rotate around the spine angle during the backswing, the spine angle position should be maintained. Likewise as the shoulder rotation is unwound during the downswing phase, a golfer should work hard to maintain the spine angle into the impact position and a good way through their follow-through, before they allow the spine angle to rise. The spine angle should continue to rise until, ultimately, the golfer is stood nice and tall and upright, holding their balance until the ball lands.

    Keep a Consistent Forward Bend through Impact 2

    A great drill to ensure correct spine angle would be to take a normal address position. Then place a golf club over the top of your shoulders and hold the club against the front of your chest. Now make a backswing turn to 90° shoulder rotation position. The club should now point towards the golf ball on the ground in front of you.

    Now make a follow-through rotation and the opposite end of the golf club should point to a similar position, towards the golf ball in front of you. If your spine angle is correctly being maintained this will be achieved. However, if your spine angle is inconsistent and rising through the impact phase, the club will not point towards the ball.

    This can form a great part of your pre-round warm up exercises routine.