A pull slice golf shot is a shot where the golf ball initially flies to the left of the target but then curves to the right and misses the target finishing on the right of it.

What Is A Golf Pull Slice Shot And How To Fix This Problem Golf Shot. Swing Tip For Senior Golfers

It is caused when the swing path of the golf club, that is the club head’s direction of movement is across the target line and out to in, rather than directly down the target line. The easiest way to explain this is to place an alignment pole on the ground so that it points directly towards the target. If you stand as though you were going to play your golf shot, the outside of the line is the far side of the pole and the inside is the side that you are stood on. If you are hitting a pull slice, you are swinging the club head from the outside of this line, then into the golf ball (which is on the line) and then to the inside of the line. As you are doing this, the club face is aiming to the right of this direction of movement, but to the left of the actual target. The club face is 85% responsible for where the ball flies, so initially the ball will fly to the left of the target. However, because there is a difference between the club head’s swing path and the club face’s direction of aim, when the ball is struck, tilted axis spin will be imparted on the ball and as a result of this the golf ball will curve left to right during its flight. The greater the difference there is between swing path and face aim, the greater the curve that will be experienced.

To correct this problem of a pull slice, you need to swing the club head directly along the target line whilst the club face is aiming down the target line at the target. This will produce a straight golf shot.

Initially, before you play your shot stand directly behind the golf ball and pick a mark to aim your club face at about one foot in front of the golf ball and on the line towards the target. Now aim your club face at this mark. Place your hands on to the handle and take the correct grip, ensuring that the line between your thumb and index finger on both hands points up towards your right shoulder (for right handed golfers). Place your feet together pointing towards the club head and align them so that they are parallel to your club face. Now take your stance up with the correct ball position for the club being played. You are now set up ready to play a straight golf shot.

If you find that you are still hitting a pull slice, you have an over the top downswing. This means that as you are swinging your golf club down towards the ball, the club head is moving over the top of your hands and on to the outside of the target line. To correct this movement, place a range basket about one foot to the right of the golf ball and about three inches to the outside of the target line. Now make your golf swing and swing inside the basket as you hit your golf shot. Do this slowly at first and without the golf ball and as your confidence and coordination improves, swing quicker and then re-introduce the golf ball.

This drill will encourage you to swing the club head along the target line and then if you keep the club face aiming at the target as you do this, you will hit straight golf shots directly at the target.