Ballyneal Golf Club Course Review

    1. Ballyneal Golf Club Course Review

    Playing here, you'll be rewarded with a veritable inland golf experience, that will remind you of the awesome link courses in Ireland and Scotland, provided you've played there before. Also, the Ballyneal can be regarded as a destination club, where its members can sit back and relax, enjoy the beautiful view, play a few rounds of golf and escape the chores of everyday life, because that's why I think golf was invented in the first place: as a form of therapy and communion with nature and friends. Also, playing at Ballyneal can be defined as an expression of the land, as this golf course sits on a terrific piece of real estate and it features an equally terrific design. This place is imbibed in an old world ambiance, yet it's lot of fun, it features unique golf holes and it's blessed with an almost magic atmosphere. If you love diversity and you want to try something different and more refreshing than your regular city-park golf courses, the Ballyneal Golf Club is a purist's heaven.

    Baltusrol Golf Club Course Review

    2. Baltusrol Golf Club Course Review

    Also, the bunkering at Baltusrol Golf Club is nothing short of artistic, whilst being plentiful. There are more than one hundred and twenty bunkers, positioned wisely (some even say with cruelty). However, Baltusrol Golf Club's architect was maybe the first one who built bunkers while taking aesthetics into account. The Lower course of the Baltusrol Golf Club is not as hilly as the Upper one and its fairways undulate in a beautiful manner, being wide enough to please the pickiest golfer. However, the greens are relatively tough to read, being deceitful contoured. As far as great golf courses go, the Baltusrol has it all and it's very easy to recommend, featuring not so many memorable holes but excellent conditioning and routing, while the bunkering is one of the best in the world.

    Bandon Dunes Golf Course Review

    3. Bandon Dunes Golf Course Review

    To describe the Bandon Dunes Golf Course in just a few words, I must tell you that it makes for one of the best walking-golf experiences in the world. Fair warning, being located on the Oregon coast, you should be prepared for unexpected rain, so pack up your gear to suit all weather conditions. Another thing that must be taken for granted at Bandon Dunes Golf Course is the wind, which makes its presence felt all year round. On this course, wind is an integral part of the experience, so be prepared for that too. Since Bandon Dunes Golf Course is a walking only resort for providing an experience of golf as it was meant to be (that's the motto), the place also offers an excellent caddie program, which is available both for amateurs and professionals. The service is as good as it gets and the best thing about the Bandon Dunes Golf Course in my view is the spectacular Oregon coast, making for an unforgettable experience.

    Bayonne Golf Club Course Review

    4. Bayonne Golf Club Course Review

    Other than that, the Bayonne Golf Club is a classic links layout and very similar to Irish and British seaside golf-courses, featuring artificial sand dunes and tumbling fairways, not to mention greens situated above raised plateaus. The amazing thing is that everything looks very authentic though it's man made, even the seaside grass. Some say that the Bayonne is the best link course in the United States. I can only tell you that it's definitely the most dramatic one, as far as man-made link courses go. Long story short, if you want to enjoy a few rounds of golf in a stunning location with a beautiful view of the New York harbor, the Bayonne will provide you with a 1st class experience together with an excellent service. Be advised, to become a member of Bayonne is not a cheap option. Bottom line, Bayonne is a highly private golf club and one of the most visually dramatic courses in the world, being a must-try/must play for the golf aficionados out there.

    Bayside Golf Club Course Review

    5. Bayside Golf Club Course Review

    The area in which the Bayside Golf Club is located is epic and dramatic in the same time and the architect managed to create a golf course which is very much in tune with the nature. Basically, the Bayside Golf Club highlights the wild beauty of the coastline and blends in seamlessly, in a spectacular way. Another thing to consider is the fact that the Bayside Golf Club was ranked as the number one course in state by the prestigious Golf Week magazine for nine times in a row. Bottom line, this Nicklaus signature course is one of the most challenging and scenic in the US, excellently groomed at all times and fairly priced, being very easy to recommend to golfers of every skill level.

    Beechwood Country Club Review

    6. Beechwood Country Club Review

    The practice facilities at Beechwood received a nice face-lift during the renovations, and boast an immaculate putting green and driving range, which were actually added during the remodel. The course received a nice boost as well, with Bermuda greens throughout which as anyone from the Carolinas knows is a must in this day in age. The course layout is pretty straight forward, with this first two holes being straight-forward, allowing for a nice start to the day. The par 5 3rd hole is a bit tricky, and winds through the tree-lined fairways, but you have the possibility to navigate your way to a birdie.

    Bel-Air Country Club Course Review

    7. Bel-Air Country Club Course Review

    Truth be told, the Bel Air country club is a very nice place where I always enjoyed playing and despite the ???alterations??? made by the people mentioned above, the bunkers are still in their original condition, as they weren't tampered with. Most of the modifications were cosmetic in nature and most importantly, the best part of what Thomas did with the Bel Air is still intact, namely the routes, which are absolutely world class and spectacular. Bottom line, the Bel Air makes for a very interesting walking course, one of the best in the world if that's your cup of tea actually. Playing here, you'll have to walk through 4 tunnels and even cross a bridge, not to mention taking an elevator from inside of a tunnel. Also, this place feels like a Zen garden, due to the beauty of the trees and the overall harmony of the environment. Those who live here and play regularly are really living a charmed life.

    Belfair Golf Club Course Review

    8. Belfair Golf Club Course Review

    The good news is that both golf courses were renovated recently, the greens were changed, now featuring MiniVerde Bermuda grass and the bunkers were refurbished.

    Also, the Belfair was expanded in 2012 to thirty five thousand square feet. The food is absolutely delicious here and the view from the clubhouse is among the best in Bluffton. If you're an avid golfer, you can benefit from the 29 acres Golf Practice Facility, together with a Sports Center and the Belfair Fitness center. The club offers excellent services, including a junior Olympic swimming pool, spa services and fitness/personal trainers. If you can get here, the Belfair is an absolute must, featuring a great layout, excellent turf , great tee box options and plenty of length, not to mention a great scenery and awesome practice facilities.

    Belvedere Golf Club Course Review

    9. Belvedere Golf Club Course Review

    Playing on the Belvedere will make for an outstanding golfing experience, as this is one of the best golf courses in Michigan and a place where big names like Tommy Armour, Walter Hagen, Horton Smith, Bobby Jones, Leo Diegel, Tom Watson and many others were an intrinsic part of the history of this unique club. Another thing to reflect upon is the fact that the Belvedere golf club will provide you with a very different golf experience compared to today's modern golf courses in Michigan. This semi-private 18 hole golf club in Charlevoix can be best described as minimalist, offering a very fast and fun playing challenge for golfers of every skill level. If you're in the area or heading to Michigan, make sure you pay a visit to Belvedere, where you'll basically take a trip in the past and play the game the way it was meant to be played!

    Bent Pine Golf Club Course Review

    10. Bent Pine Golf Club Course Review

    This club was originally created for being very intimate and as private as humanly possible and features a policy of keeping it uncrowded enough for being able to afford no structured tee times. The idea behind the Bent Pine Golf Club's design was to create a championship-grade course featuring strategically placed bunkers, rolling fairways and nothing short of challenging greens. Also, the Bent Pine made history in rural Vero Beach, being the first golf course to be built on the sand ridge. This decision was brave and somewhat risky, but the Bent Pine Golf Club's founder managed to venture on this undeveloped (at the time) piece of real state, where very few people lived and to create a beautiful golf facility.