Liberty National Golf Club Review

    1. Liberty National Golf Club Course Review

    Just to get an idea about how awesome the Liberty National golf course is, the Statue of Liberty is used as a target when it comes to several approach shots! Also, keep in mind that the course features more than 7400 yards of golf from its longest tees and given its relatively narrow fairways, youll have to be pin point accurate off the tee. Theres also the wind issue, which comes whipping from the Atlantic ocean, favoring players who can keep a low trajectory. The Liberty National golf club is a private resort, available just for members and their guests only and if youll ever have a chance to play it, youll be in for a real treat and a magnificent golfing experience. The course is always in impeccable condition and if youre lucky enough to play in a clear day, the photo opportunities, especially the New Yorks skyline will make for an unforgettable experience. As per the game itself, every hole is unique and also challenging, but I must emphasize it again, the views are to die for whilst the greens are some of the most pure youll ever play. There are also phenomenal practice facilities available and the driving range has lots of target greens.

    Loblolly Pines Golf Course Club Review

    2. Loblolly Pines Golf Club Course Review

    The club opened back in 1988 and its one of the best works (some even say a masterpiece) of Pete Dye, bristling with style. The golf course sits near a wildlife refugee on the southern coast of Florida, in Hobe Sound and its a private facility, available just for its members and their guests. The Loblolly Piness golf course features 6865 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 72 par and has a course rating of 73,2 and a slope rating of 144 on Bermuda grass. Some say that the Loblolly Pines golf course is the best in the state, and after playing it for a while, I feel inclined to agree with that statement. Playing here for the first time, youll be amazed by the ubiquitous elevation changes and the impeccable conditioning, also by its deep sand-bunkers which were incorporated into the design. The Loblolly Piness golf course was rated as 14th best in Florida in 1995/1996 and 16th in 1997/1998, but these rankings are hardly doing it justice.

    Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review

    3. Lookout Mountain Golf Club Course Review

    The golf course sits on an unlikely location in northwest Georgia and it has a very imaginative layout, featuring a Georgia address but a Tennessee vibe sort to speak. The terrain upon the course was built is on the rocky side, but its not strictly speaking mountainous, but more of a plateau at 1700 feet of altitude and it straddles the 2 states. Keep in mind that the Lookout Mountain golf club is a private resort, meaning that its available only for its members. Even the guest policy is very strict, hence playing here is a real privilege and if you have the chance, just go for it and never look back.

    Lost Dunes Golf Club

    4. Lost Dunes Golf Club Course Review

    Truth be told, the Lost Dunes was built on top of an abandoned sand mine and its located very close to the highway I 94. However, due to Tom Doaks genius (thats what they pay architects for) the highways is barely noticeable, nor visible or audible during your game and theres also very little reminiscence of the terrains sand quarry days. What youll see here will be caterrings of pine trees, dunes covered in foliage and some patches of hardwood, together with huge areas of flat earth, which allowed Tom Doak to masterfully create the golf courses greenside collection areas and its huge, devilish greens. Keep in mind that if you want to card a decent score here, your putting will have to be top notch, due to the outstanding bunkering job and the greens which make for the most outrageous of Tom Doaks works. When putting on these greens, youll begin to question your eyesight! The Lost Dunes golf course is visually striking, to say the least as sits on a dramatic looking piece of real estate on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, one hour drive East of Chicago and the name is perfect for this almost unknown Mid-West gem.

    Mayacama Golf Club

    5. Mayacama Golf Club Course Review

    This golf course is rather modest in terms of size, as it has a length of just 6800 yards, yet the slope rating is a respectable 153; the fairways are generous and the majestic oaks which are scattered all around the property add to the golf courses legendary difficulty, as they come into play frequently. If you want to lose while playing Mayacama, just try to overpower the holes. The landscape also plays a big part in the overall golfing experience at Mayacama, as the golf course meanders through a variety of forms of relief, but during your visit here youll definitely be impressed by the impeccable conditioning of the holes, regardless of their location. The Mayacama golf course receives consistent top rankings in prestigious golf magazines, such as Golf Digests top one hundred courses in the US and according to many people I know, this is one of Jack Nickalus best works, i.e. paying a visit here will make for a once in a life time experience.

    McArthur Golf Club

    6. McArthur Golf Club Course Review

    The golf course features a 7205 yard layout and being co-designed by Tom Fazio, you can bet your last dime that youll not be disappointed. The course sits on the northern edge of a twenty miles long sand ridge which runs parallel to the ocean (Atlantic that is), while Seminole is located at the opposite end. The end result is visually stunning, as the McArthur golf course will delight its visitors with its epic scenery round after round, boasting its lush-green carpets which are laid over the white sands. The property upon which the golf course was built has 480 acres, of which there are only ninety acres covered in grass, i.e. sandy areas basically replace pine scrub reminding me of the Pine Valley golf club in New Jersey, and the similarity is hardly incidental. The McArthur course has an emphasis on pure golf, as the team of architects managed to deliver a golf course which looks 100% natural, a feature that gives it much of its personality.

    Meadow Club

    7. Meadow Club Course Review

    The restoration started by DeVries in 1998/1999 was actually a massive deforestation job, as numerous trees were removed from the property in order to re create the original bunkering of the golf course which boasted its ferocious looking/thick edges. The transformation was gradual and now the players are enjoying the golf courses impeccably manicured turf and the awe inspiring surroundings, as the Meadow Golf Club benefits from magnificent views, i.e. the neighboring hills covered by scrub and secular oak trees, not to mention the Mount Tamalpais which is used as an aiming point when playing the 4th hole tee shot. The golf course features a 6686 yards layout and the architect designed it to be in perfect harmony with the beauty of the land, making it basically indistinguishable from its natural surroundings. Playing here, youll be provided with an amazing golfing experience in total harmony with the nature, as the golf course uses masterfully the terrains subtle elevation changes and the meandering creeks which crisscross the property for providing the ultimate golfing experience for its visitors.

    Medinah Country Club

    8. Medinah Country Club Course Review

    The number 1 golf course is one of the best in the state of Illinois, but its out-shined by number 3. Meanwhile, number 2 is dedicated to women golfers, who benefited from their own golf course since the Medinah Country Club was founded. Obviously, in our progressive day and age, women can play any of the three. As I already told you, the number 3 course at Medinah is the most famous, boasting its glorious golf tradition as it was host for 3 US Opens, 3 Western Opens and 2 PGA Championships during his long history. The No.3 golf course can be described as a tree line monster and its signature feature is represented by long par 4s, the almost un birdieable par 5s and 3 par 3s that fly over the famous lake Kadijah, which is a water-hazard named after prophet Muhammad's wife.

    Merion Golf Club (East)

    9. Merion Golf Club (East) Course Review

    Hugh Wilsons mastermind really hit the spot with this baby and despite the courses restricted acreage, it doesnt feel short at all and it will provide you with an unforgettable and most challenging golfing experience, regardless of your skill level. The bunkers at Merion Golf Club are famously known as the white faces and they were the first ever to feature raised lips on the back side, so they seem like looking back at the players. The bunkers on the greenside feature elevated/deep lips next to the putting surface, due to the fact that they have been built up from the sand flying out of the bunker and onto the lip over time. Keep in mind that the golf course at Merion Golf Club is walking only and its mandatory to complete your round in four hours max. Another unique feature at Merion, one youll not be able to find anywhere else by that matter is that youll find wicker baskets on top of the flag sticks, not flags. Also, this golf club practically oozes with history and tradition, as it has hosted a USGA Tournament once every ten years or so since its inception and playing here youll not be able to find one bad hole on the property, while the courses elevation changes will deliver lots of fan and variety during your round.

    Metairie Country Club

    10. Metairie Country Club Course Review

    The Metairie Country Club was actually opened as an exclusive golf club and it soon gained a great reputation among golf enthusiasts due to its innovative golf course design, which takes a unique approach for each and every hole, being a replica of an American or Scottish golf course. All these features make the Metairie Country Club one of the most loved and revered golf resorts in Louisiana. The golf course itself was designed by the famous architect Seth Raynor in 1922 and it features 6574 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 72 par. After playing a few rounds here, youll discover that the Metairie Country Club is the definition of a rare, southern Raynor routing and design, very fun to play and featuring fabulous par 3s, an outstanding par 5 and a truly challenging par 4. The golf course is in excellent shape at all times, the staff is friendly and the overall experience is phenomenal.