Tee Peg in Top of Grip for On-Line Backswing - Golf Tip

A golf tee is about as basic as it gets. The swing plane, well, that’s a little more complicated.

A tee can help simplify the concept of swing plane and get yours in order. Stick a tee into the top of the grip of a club and try this drill:

  • Place a second club on the target line directly behind your ball.
  • On the backswing, the tee will tilt and point downward as the hands pass the hips and move up.
  • The tee should point at the line formed by the club on the ground (e.g. the target line) all the way to the top of the backswing.
  • If the tee points above the target line, your swing is too flat (horizontal).
  • If the tee points inside the target line, you’re too upright or steep (vertical).
  • Practice making slow backswings while pointing the tee at the club on the ground. It may help to have a friend or teacher stand behind you to monitor your position. Or, you can simply film yourself with a video camera or smart phone.

    An on-plane backswing makes it much, much easier to stay on plane coming down. (That’s the subject of our next tip, by the way.)