part 1 tee peg 1

The common golf tee has many uses beyond its primary assignment. For example, it can fix pitch marks on the green, clean the grooves of your clubs, or dislodge mud and grass from your spikes.

It also makes a handy little teaching aid. For this series of drills, simply insert a tee into the hole at end of a club’s grip, just far enough to hold it in place. Now let’s use this arrangement to check our address position.

  • With any club, set up as you normally would to hit that club. If it’s a short iron, the ball will be near the middle of your stance. For the driver, off the left heel.
  • No matter what club you’re holding, the tee should point just inside your left hip. (Right around the first belt loop on your waist.)part 1 tee peg 2
  • Why does the tee point at the same place for every club? Simple: Your setup position should be repeated at impact, so you want the hands well ahead of the clubhead when hitting short irons, and approximately in line with (or slightly behind) the club when hitting driver.

    In any case, ball position varies while hand position stays the same.

    Work all the way through the bag with this basic tip to achieve a consistent setup position.