Tee Peg Under Left Palm for Shorter Swing, Golf Tip

    Does your club dip past parallel at the top of the backswing? If so, you probably struggle with accuracy, especially when hitting the driver.

    If your swing tends to get overly long and you’re not sure why, you may be letting go of the grip with the left hand (for right-handed golfers) as you reach the top. If your grip pressure is too loose, the club will separate from the left palm, with the clubhead’s weight pulling the shaft downward.

    While it’s important not to squeeze the club in a death grip, you need enough pressure to hold it in place. The longer the club, the more force it exerts on the hands at the top of the swing, so this is particularly crucial with the driver.

    Here’s an easy way to fix your problem:

  • Grip the club with your left hand and stick a tee between the handle and your palm, just below the little finger.
  • Place your right hand on the club and make a backswing.
  • The tee should remain in place and stable all the way. If it shifts or falls out, you need to apply slightly more pressure.
  • Hold the club just tightly enough to keep the tee in place.
  • After several practice swings, hit a few balls with the tee in place. Then try some without it.
  • This is a relatively simple issue to correct, and it can make a big difference in your accuracy and ballstriking.