Stance, Golf Term


The stance is a fundamental aspect of the golf swing. It refers to the position and alignment of a golfer's feet, hips, and shoulders in relation to the target. A proper stance provides stability, balance, and the foundation for generating power and accuracy in the swing.

  • Alignment:
  • The feet should be shoulder-width apart, parallel to the target line. The target line is an imaginary line from the ball to the target.
  • The shoulders and hips should be square to the target line. This means they should be aligned parallel to the feet and target line.
  • Weight Distribution:
  • The weight should be evenly distributed between both feet for a balanced and stable stance. However, the weight distribution may vary depending on the club selection and shot requirements.
  • Ball Position:
  • The ball position varies depending on the club being used. For irons, the ball is typically positioned slightly forward of center, allowing for a downward strike and crisp contact with the ball. For woods and drivers, the ball is usually played off the inside of the front foot, promoting an upward strike and maximizing distance.
  • Knee Flex:
  • Bend the knees slightly to create an athletic position and maintain balance throughout the swing. The degree of knee flex may vary depending on personal preference and physical capabilities.
  • Spine Angle:
  • A proper spine angle is crucial for a consistent swing. The spine should be tilted forward from the hips, creating a slight bend at the waist. This tilt helps to facilitate proper rotation and a desired impact position at impact.
  • Grip:
  • While not directly related to the stance, the grip is an essential component of the golf swing. A neutral grip, with the hands aligned properly on the club, allows for proper wrist hinge and control throughout the swing.

Remember, a consistent and proper stance is vital for a repeatable golf swing. It sets the foundation for a fluid and powerful motion. Practice your stance in front of a mirror, and seek advice from a golf professional to ensure you are maintaining a correct position. With a solid stance, you are on your way to improved ball-striking and overall performance on the golf course.