Widen Your Stance When Battling the Wind 1

Let’s say you’re standing on a pier when a fierce gust of wind blows up. Aside from grabbing the nearest rail, how would you keep your balance? You’d probably stand in place with your feet spread wide and your knees well-flexed, right? 

The same concept applies when playing golf in the wind. A stiff breeze can not only affect the ball’s flight, it can toss you and your swing all over the place. When you move back and forth or side to side, so does the club. The first thing to do is broaden your stance – say, by 2-4 inches on each side — and bend those knees to provide a good, stable base. That will help you maintain balance and achieve a steady swing path. 

The wider-stance-in-the-wind rule carries over to the putting green, too. Spread the feet far enough apart to give you a solid feeling as you address the ball.