Staying Behind the Ball, Golf Term

    Why would a golfer want to stay behind the ball? To hide from someone?

    In a manner of speaking, yes. If you get out in front of the ball, you’ll become vulnerable to tops, pushes, pop-ups, thin shots and other undesirable results.

    The term “stay behind the ball” is generally used as a tip for hitting the driver. With the #1 wood in hand, the ball should be positioned opposite your left (lead) heel at address. When viewed face-on as in a mirror, your head will be behind the ball. Your hands may also be slightly behind it, or aligned directly over the ball.

    This is approximately the position you want to have at the moment of impact, too. Hence, it’s crucial to remain behind the ball throughout the swing.

    Many golfers struggle with this seemingly simple concept. One common culprit is a poor weight shift, with the golfer leaving too much weight on his left side during the swing. Other times, the golfer shifts too far laterally, toward the target, on the downswing. Some golfers doom themselves at address by playing the ball too far back (to the right) in their stance.

    If any of these describe your swing, check out these tips for tackling each problem: