Chip Shot, Golf Term

In golf, a chip shot refers to a short, low-trajectory shot played from near the green. It is a technique used to advance the ball onto the putting surface and get it closer to the hole. Chip shots are typically played with a lofted club, such as a pitching wedge, sand wedge, or even a higher lofted iron.

Here are a few key points about chip shots in golf:

  1. Shot Technique: A chip shot is a controlled and precise shot that requires a short, abbreviated swing. The golfer uses a putting-like motion with minimal wrist hinge and a slight descending blow to strike the ball. The objective is to get the ball airborne quickly, allow it to roll towards the hole, and minimize the time the ball spends in the air.
  2. Situations for Chip Shots: Chip shots are commonly used when the golfer is close to the green but not within putting distance. They are employed from areas such as the fringe, the rough around the green, or even from fairway lies where a shorter carry is required. Chip shots can be useful for overcoming obstacles, controlling distance, and setting up for a one-putt or a shorter putt.
  3. Shot Selection and Club Choice: The choice of club for a chip shot depends on the specific situation and the desired outcome. Golfers typically select a club with enough loft to clear any obstacles and control the trajectory and distance of the shot. The lofted club provides the necessary lift to get the ball airborne while allowing it to roll out towards the hole.
  4. Importance of Practice: Becoming proficient in chip shots requires practice and familiarity with various clubs and lies. Golfers should practice different chip shot techniques, experiment with club selections, and develop a feel for distance control. Practicing different trajectories and green conditions will help golfers refine their touch and accuracy around the greens.

Chip shots are essential skills for any golfer looking to improve their short game. By mastering the technique and practicing regularly, golfers can effectively navigate various situations near the green and improve their scoring opportunities.

Chip Shot, Golf Term:A shot, played from very near the green, which flies a short distance, then rolls toward the hole. In general, a chip will roll farther than it flies, the opposite of a pitch shot.