In golf, the term “chippers” refers to a specific type of golf club designed for chip shots around the green. Chippers are a hybrid club that combines the characteristics of both irons and putters, aiming to provide golfers with an easier and more consistent option for chipping.

Here are a few key points about chippers in golf:

  1. Design and Characteristics: Chippers typically have a shorter shaft length than regular irons, similar to a putter, which promotes a more upright and straighter swing path. They often have higher lofts, typically ranging from 30 to 37 degrees, allowing for a higher ball trajectory and easier landings on the green. The clubhead design of a chipper is similar to a regular iron, with a flat sole and a small amount of bounce to help with turf interaction.
  2. Purpose: Chippers are designed to simplify chip shots around the green by providing a more forgiving and consistent option. They are especially useful for golfers who struggle with traditional chip shots using wedges or who prefer a putting-like stroke for chipping. Chippers can help golfers make cleaner contact with the ball, reduce mishits, and improve distance control on shorter shots.
  3. Technique: When using a chipper, golfers typically employ a putting-like stroke, with minimal wrist hinge and a more pendulum-like motion. The goal is to achieve a smooth, controlled swing that promotes accuracy and distance control. Chippers are particularly effective for shots where the golfer wants the ball to stay low and roll out after landing.
  4. Limitations: While chippers can be beneficial for certain golfers and specific situations, they do have limitations. Chippers are primarily designed for chip shots and may not perform well for longer shots or situations that require higher shots with more spin. Golfers should be aware that chippers may not provide the same versatility as traditional wedges when faced with a wider range of shot options around the green.

It's important to note that the use of chippers is a matter of personal preference. Some golfers find them to be valuable additions to their golf bag, while others prefer to stick with traditional wedges and utilize different techniques for their chip shots. It's always a good idea to try out different clubs and seek professional guidance to determine what works best for your game and playing style.

These clubs are made specifically for low, running shots played around the green (chips). Golf club chippers are usually built as a cross between a putter and a mid-iron, with a putter’s head style and length (approx. 35 inches) and a loft of 27-55° (5 through SW irons).

While few if any professionals carry chipping clubs, many amateurs rely on them. Chippers can help golfers who struggle selecting the proper clubs to use around the greens, and may also boost consistency. Leading retailers of chipping clubs include Thomas Golf (