Beach, Golf Term

In golf, the term “beach” is not a specific golf term. However, it is sometimes informally used to refer to a bunker or sand trap on a golf course. Golfers may use terms like “sand trap,” “bunker,” or “sand hazard” to describe areas of the course filled with sand that are designed to present a challenge to players.

Bunkers or sand traps are typically strategically placed hazards on a golf course, often near fairways, greens, or around the edges of holes. They are filled with sand to make it more difficult for golfers to play shots from them.

When a golfer's ball lands in a bunker, it adds an extra challenge to the shot. Hitting from the sand requires specific techniques and adjustments to account for the resistance and texture of the sand. Golfers need to properly assess the lie of the ball, choose the appropriate club, and execute a proper swing to successfully escape the bunker and advance the ball toward the target.

Bunkers are part of the strategic design of a golf course and can vary in size, shape, and depth. They serve to penalize wayward shots and add an element of risk and difficulty to the game. Golfers aim to avoid bunkers whenever possible, but when they do find themselves in the sand, they employ specific techniques, such as opening the clubface and taking a steeper swing, to navigate their way out successfully.

Beach, Golf Term:Slang term for bunker (sand trap).