Nunchuk xi Iron Shafts Top Golf Review

    The Nunchuk xi Iron retails for $55 (MSRP) and it's a shaft built from graphite to use in irons and wedges, featuring the company's tour proven Tri Zonal stability precision. The special materials used in its construction together with the state of the art technologies and design resulted in a graphite made shaft which is, amazingly, more accurate and more consistent than steel made shafts, whilst keeping that great feel of graphite. The proprietary Tri Zonal stability precision technology incorporates three different zones or segments, whereas which segment is specially built and designed to mitigate problems like flex, twist and drop, common in regular shaft designs. Together with the Tri Zonal stability precision, the Nunchuk xi Iron features the patented xi technology (as per its name), which is the ultimate system developed by the Nunchuk for building high precision shafts for fairway woods, drivers, hybrids and now, with their latest creation, for wedges and irons.

    The main characteristics of the Nunchuk xi Iron golf shaft are accuracy, consistency, feel, distance control and better than steel performance, all made possible by the clever design and workmanship, together with a choice of state of the art materials and technologies. The Nunchuk xi Iron shaft was actually designed and engineered to improve performance by mitigating detrimental effects of a regular shaft, things like droop, twist or flex, and it's meant to be played by any type of golf player, regardless of your swing speed. Basically, with the new Nunchuk xi Iron, the company created that “one size fits all” shaft, due to its unique design. The weight of the Nunchuk xi Iron is very similar to a steel made shaft, but the feel is more like graphite, while the accuracy is better than both worlds. With the Nunchuk xi Iron, the company took graphite shafts to a whole new level, and while many shafts manufacturers make promises, the Nunchuk xi Iron really delivers performance where it counts, being actually better than the price asked.