SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch Review

    The new SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch is the latest and greatest in the company's lineup, being slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Together with increased portability and ergonomics, the new SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch boasts a lot of new features, for helping you gain accurate distances at just a glance. The main improvements are the slimmer design, the built in Bluetooth smart technology and an extended battery life, all these new features making the SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch the ideal choice for golf players seeking for lightning fast distances to the center, front and back of the green, making yardage measurements a child's play. One of the biggest improvements in the SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch is the addition of Bluetooth, which works miracles in terms of score tracking and easy data syncing with your smart-phone or laptop.

    Besides being slimmer and lighter than the previous gen, the new SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch comes with a radically improved power-plant, which provides you with more than 14 hours on the golf course in GPS mode, meaning that you can take it for a ride during a weekend on a single charge. Also, this stylish wearable comes preloaded with more than 35 thousand international golf courses world wide, everything being ready to play with course maps featuring ground corrected position. Nota bene, great news if you're from the United Kingdom: the SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch comes preloaded with 99% of the golf courses in Ireland and Great Britain, making it a great choice or a wonderful gift for all golf aficionados in the EU. Also, this baby will offer you at a glance distances/yardage to the middle/back/front of the greens, displaying the essential info via its high-res easy to read display, which offers great sunlight legibility. Other features of the SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch are Auto Course Recognition, a Shot Distance function and Auto Hole advance, together with a built in odometer that tracks time, distance, speed, laps, pace and even calories burned, making it a multi sport/fully functional sport watch!