SkyCaddie TOUCH Golf GPS Review

    The SkyCaddie TOUCH GPS rangefinder is a great asset for professional golfers out here, being an outstanding flagship device, retailing for $280 and being among the best in SkyCaddie’s portfolio when it comes to golf-gear. I know that I may sound pompous but the TOUCH really has it where it counts the most. Using this rangefinder will provide you with state of the art precision when it comes to obtaining detailed information about the distances/hazards on the golf course. All the information is delivered via an excellent high resolution touchscreen which has great sunlight legibility. This handheld GPS device comes preloaded with more than 35,000 golf courses along with other useful info, like stats and tracking scores. Actually, SkyCaddy themselves describe this flagship rangefinder as being the most advanced on the market today. I don’t know about that, but I was very impressed by the usability and versatility of the TOUCH.

    If the 35,000 golf courses /info that are already available are not enough for you, you can download and store even more, up to 1000 high-definition courses. The GPS rangefinder comes with a very interesting “on demand” feature where you can choose your favorite golf course where you play the most and have it displayed on your TOUCH in high-def graphics. Naturally, the SkyCaddie TOUCH will keep your stored maps up to date seamlessly, all the changes being recorded in real time by the company’s mappers. Regardless of your location, the TOUCH is smart enough to recognize the respective golf course automatically (via its GPS antenna) and it will fetch you the correct distances to the front/middle/back of the green. Also, you’ll be able to select/find the distance to any layup area with just a tap on the screen or to pinpoint/select where the pin is actually located. Other cool and pretty useful features incorporated into the TOUCH rangefinder are the RangeView and TrueGround Target list, which help you with appreciating the distances correctly thus optimizing your gameplay, along with providing your with accurate distances to hazards, carries, lay up areas, bunkers etc.

    Along with all these useful features, the TOUCH will keep the score for more than one player, it will track stats and measure round times, shot distances and distances covered. All the stats and scores can be uploaded via Bluetooth using a dedicated mobile application from SkyCaddie, which works for most iOS/Android devices.