SkyCaddie Mobile GPS Review

    The SkyCaddie Mobile GPS is arguably the best golf GPS application in the industry and the closest thing to owning a real SkyCaddie device. Basically, the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS is an app that transforms your smart device (smart-phone and the like) into a state of the art piece of golf gear. How does it do it, you may ask? Well, the application is powered by the same software/engine used in all SkyCaddie range-finders, the proprietary/patented TrueGround Course Maps, which is ground tested and error corrected, basically the same software that makes SkyCaddie to be one of the best rated and trusted companies in the industry. Simply put, if you don't require a dedicated SkyCaddie product, you can just borrow the “brains” sort of speak, and transform your smart-phone into a range-finder at just a click of a button. As you probably know, the vast majority of modern smart-phones have a GPS tracker, just like GPS golf range-finders, so basically it's just a matter of reprogramming the smart-phone; that's what the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS does.

    The application is the ideal entry point for golfers which are not ready to spend a lot of money on a dedicated golf range-finder, and it can be described as a SkyCaddie for every golfer, being the latest delivery method for players looking to use GPS on the turf. The most basic SkyCaddie Mobile GPS application is available for Android and IOS and it can be downloaded for free on the Apple App and Google Play Store, providing a wide range of features, like scorecards, course ratings and various useful info (dress codes or prices). The SkyCaddie Mobile GPS also gives you the opportunity to capture basic stats, such as fairways hits, for improving your performance. If you upgrade to the Premium version (this one is paid for, if you're not yet an eligible SkyCaddie member), you'll benefit from the whole enchilada: full access to the TruGround Course Maps library (frequently updated) i.e. distance measurements using your smart-phone GPS sensor, HD overview over the whole hole together with useful info from tee to green (hazards and things of that nature), Interactive HoleVue Detailed Green information (the shape/distance to center/front/back of the green), auto hole advance and the Measure Any Shot feature. Last but not least, the Premium version provides you with membership to SkyGolf 360, meaning that you'll be able to store information into the cloud, thus using its advanced statistics and scoring features.