SkyCaddie LINX Multi-Sport Watch Review

    The SkyCaddie LINX is basically a “smart watch” aimed at sport lovers all around the world and especially at golf aficionados. Combining the highly wearable form factor of a watch with all the features of a dedicated GPS Golf rangefinder, the LINX is a very interesting piece of gear indeed. Everything useful for improving your golf game is harbored inside the LINX’s guts, and I mean everything: all hazards are thoroughly mapped (doglegs included), you’ll have all the greens and layup points readily available at your wrist, hole maps, even scoring and statistics are taken care of with flying colors. The touchscreen of the watch is very easy and intuitive to use and it will provide you with all sorts of useful info thanks to its decently large/high def display which boast outstanding sun legibility.

    Bluetooth connectivity is also available, thus permitting you to receive notifications on the LINX whenever you receive a text message or a call. Also, you’ll be able to sync your LINX GPS watch to your SkyGolf 360 account via SkyCaddie’s dedicated mobile app. All the bells and whistles of a standalone GPS rangefinder are available on the LINX in a very neat form factor at a price of $225, give or take (GoPlay package included, you can upgrade later for additional costs). The SkyCaddie LINX GPS watch offers great accuracy when it comes to calculating distances to hazards and layup points, excellent golf course coverage and detailed statistics tracking, provided you’re ready to pay annual fees for the best gaming experience. All you have to do is to charge it up and you’re ready to go, because the LINX comes preloaded with all the information about over 35,000 golf courses, being perfectly capable of providing you with highly accurate, dynamic distances to center/front/back of green, everything displayed in easy to read/large fonts/numbers. You can keep digital score cards, track your distance, time your rounds, count the burned calories during the game and so on and so forth.