Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch Review

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    Garmin brings you the ultimate in watches, the Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch with the unique Swing Metric feature. This technology allows you to train your swing including Swing Tempo Training. With the Swing Tempo you will measure the relationship between your back swing and downswing and express it as a ratio. The process uses audio tones to synchronize your swings mechanics allowing you to fine tune your swing tempo. With full-color course view maps from over 38,000 courses internationally. You will find that the touch screen is of high resolution and usable while wearing your gloves.

    The Garmin Approach S6 GPS Watch will also allow you to get alert, texts, and emails directly from your Android Smartphone, iPhone 4 or later, or your iPad. The incredible design is rugged and water proof for up to 50 meters. Included is a longer life battery to allow for longer playing time of up to 10 hours in the full GPS mode with approximately 20 weeks of total charge. Upon your purchase there are preloaded courses and free updates. This is included all free without any extra fees or paid subscriptions. Some unique features include scoring options of individual holes, local handicaps, or slope rating. Another great addition is the Garmin Connect, which is an online golf community to play, share, and compare your rounds with other players. This allows you to track your own improvements for each course you play as well. When it comes to style and GPS technology Garmin is the best. Not only is this a time telling watch, but you can also get an odometer reading and a timer to gauge your time playing the course. Don’t miss out, get your Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch now!