Izzo Swami 4000 Golf GPS Review

    The Swami 4000 by IZZO is one of the simplest GPS gadgets meant to join you when playing your favorite game. If you’re searching for something basic, easy to use and also affordable, this fella might be what you’ve been looking for. On its 1.8 inches color display, the Swami 4000 will provide you with accurate distances to the front, center and back of the green, and also some extras, such as advance between holes, shot distance measurement, the time, battery level and the hole number line.

    Like a lot of its competitors, the Swami 4000 holds on board support for more than 30,000 golf courses scattered all around the world and the nice part is that you won’t be needing an annual subscription to benefit fully from your rangefinder; additional downloads/hidden fees etc. are a thing of the past with this baby. The device features support for 12 different languages and it will show distances in meters or yards.

    Another useful feature is the Swami 4000’s water resistance, which comes handy especially if you’re from Scotland; this gadget is cleverly designed for being used in the great (and green) outdoors, so it must be prepared to face some (unpredictable) harsh weather too. Although being a very light device, its build quality seems to promise durability and actually it delivers with flying colors. The Swami 4000 fits perfectly and inconspicuously into your pockets and you might even forget that it’s there. In case you want to have better access to it and place it in sight, a belt clip is included in its package, along with a protective bag, an USB cable and its charger. The battery is advertised as being able to last for two rounds, which is not bad given its slim silhouette.
    As I was previously saying, purchasing the Swami 4000 will pull a small amount of money from your wallet, as it retails for only $119. A more than reasonable price for a basic and capable fella’, don’t you think?