Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder Review

    The Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder is an outstanding product, built on the “chassis” of the previous V2 generation and marks a significant improvement with the addition of the patented JOLT technology. The JOLT feature comes together with the award winning PinSeeker feature, and it works by providing you, the player, with a short vibration (or a burst) to confirm you that the laser is locked on target, i.e. the flag, and the PinSeeker is activated. Basically, the JOLT technology is aimed at eliminating doubt and boosting confidence, and it does that with flying colors. Also, the Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder comes with a new and ergonomic design, being that kind of gear that sets the standard in the industry. Yes, it is that good folks. To describe the Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder in a few words, I must say that it's the ultimate in terms of design, feel and performance, being the complete laser range-finder package at an affordable price.

    After playing a few rounds with the V3 Tour, I found it to be deadly accurate, and I also must confess that the Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder really speeds up the play and it's small enough to be carried and used even if you're walking. The V3 Tour fits perfectly in any golf bag and I should mention the complementary secure carrying case included in the package, which can be strapped to your golf bag/cart or whatever. Just like the previous models, the Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder fits snuggly in your hand, and it's excellent in terms of accuracy and ease of use. The key technology incorporated into its built is the JOLT thing, which means that the Bushnell Tour-V3 Laser-Rangefinder vibrates into your hand when the flag (basically the nearest object) is located, it magnifies by 5x , can pick up the flag from 300 yards and in, or the yardages up to 1000 yards. Oh, I forgot, this baby is waterproof and it comes with 2 years warranty.

    Undoubtedly, this laser range-finder is a very solid all-rounder, and a true performer where it counts (accuracy/ergonomics) making for another impressive offering from a well established laser brand!