Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Fairway Wood

    The best way I can describe the FG Tour F5 fairway woods is to say that they are a “Mini Me” of the F5 driver. All of the design characteristics that make the driver so powerful are prevalent in the fairway woods as well.

    Reactive Face Technology is Wilson’s way of describing their VFT (Variable Face Thickness) which powers the club face optimizing ball speed.

    The shape of the club face helps to make the F5 fairway wood as forgiving a fairway wood as any other on the market today.

    The fairway woods come in three lofts, 13.5°, 15° and 17°, with the hosel giving 6 further adjustment options. Just as you can with the F5 driver, you can dial in your desired flight precisely.

  • Fast Fit Technology. This hosel adjustment system is so easy to use. It features three lofts in both standard and upright lie settings to match up to your iron lie specs.
  • Weight Low and Forward. Mass placed low and close to the face is different from the driver, but distance is not the do-all end-all here. The weight optimizes ball speed and launch angle.
  • Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert. Creates a thin, hot, high face for increased ball speed and distance.
  • The six loft settings, from the stock 13.5°, 15.0° or 17.0° lofts, are achieved either by increasing or decreasing from standard.
  • Every loft in 0.5° increments is covered from 12.5° to 19.0° (except for 17.5°)


  • RH only
  • Lofts of 13.5, 15 and 17 degree-every loft from 12.5 degree through 19 degree available (except 17.5 degree)
  • Stock shaft is Fubuki Z Series 65-flexes of regular, stiff and X-stiff
  • Summary

    This is a fairway wood that has a classic design and shape. It is consistent, forgiving and has a great look and sound. Wilson likes to fly under the radar to some degree, but there is no reason at all for any golfer to think of the FG Tour F5 fairway wood as anything but a great club.