Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Hybrid

    If I referred to the FG Tour F5 fairway wood as “Mini Me” to the F5 driver, then I guess the hybrid is the “Mini Mini Me” in the family. All of the technology that went into the development of the driver and fairway woods also is evident in the F5 hybrid. This club looks like a hybrid should look like. No oversized head. No fancy gimmicks. It is classic hybrid.

    As far as performance is concerned, one thing stands out that I really admire. This club loves to soar with the eagles. Some players out there will hit a hybrid for maximum distance. To me that defeats the purpose of what the club was designed for. A hybrid is designed to be easier to hit than your long irons. You want to hit the ball 210 yards and hold the green, not scurry off the back like a frightened rabbit. This club lives on the edge high in the clouds. Hit it and watch it come down soft…like a butterfly with slippers.

    The F5 hybrid comes in three lofts; 17, 20 and 23 degrees (LH available in 20 and 23 degree only). Each loft is adjustable +/- 1 degree


  • RH and LH only
  • Lofts of 17, 20 and 23 (LH available in 20 and 23 degrees only)
  • Stock shaft is Fubuki Z Series 80-flexes of regular, stiff and X-stiff
  • Fast Fit Technology. This hosel adjustment system is so easy to use. It features three lofts in both standard and upright lie settings to match up to your iron lie specs.
    Weight Low and Forward. Mass placed low and close to the face is different from the driver, but distance is not the do-all end-all here. The weight optimizes ball speed and launch angle.
    Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert. Creates a thin, hot, high face for increased ball speed and distance.


    Grab it, hit it and sit back and admire what you have created. A trajectory you could never have hoped for with your long iron…and hopefully a reasonable chance at birdie.