The WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 FAIRWAY WOOD is an interesting combo of a traditional design,outstanding velocity (meaning ball speed) and forgiveness levels. Also, the wood comes with easy to use/intuitive adjustability options. If you prefer substance to hype, let me tell you something: all things being equal, after playing a few rounds with the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 FAIRWAY WOOD I discovered that this baby is one of the best (if not the best) all around fairway woods on the market today. And if you are surprised by reading this bold statement, that's due to the fact that Wilson Staff never promoted this baby with fancy ad campaigns and what not, marching on the idea that a good product sells itself. This fairway wood simply performs, it's as simple as that, you don't have to pay for the marketing, just for the product.

    Design wise, the club is very sexy, if I may use the word, having a broad esthetic appeal and just the right size, i.e. it looks great without scaring you if you're that kind of player looking to improve his 15 handicap. I absolutely love the shape of the face, which is designed in a confidence-inspiring way, the bottom being a tad shaved away toward the heel and toe. The WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 FAIRWAY WOOD doesn't sound very loud at ball impact and offers plenty of feedback, so you'll definitely know whether you made a good shot or not. In addition to that, the club is very easy to launch, the spin is kept at reasonable levels and the result is loads of distance and consistency, promoting a straight ball flight. Also, this fairway is one of the easiest to fine tune/adjust, via what Wilson Staff calls Fast Fit technology. Bottom line, if you're an aspiring player, cruising the market for a fairway wood which offers plenty of forgiveness, distance and adjustability, give it a chance, you'll not regret it a bit!