Under Armour have stepped up their golf glove game for 2016

    With a new golf season fast approaching, Under Armour has released an entire new range of golf gloves. There have been three new lines unveiled, including the Strikeskin Tour glove that is worn by Jordan Spieth. One of the most successful gloves in recent times was the Under Armour ColdGear glove that was made specifically to keep golfers playing in the winter nice and warm, preventing any form of numbness in the hands while playing. Three new gloves that they have released are the Strikeskin Tour golf glove, the Strikeskin Camo golf glove and the CoolSwitch golf glove.

    Each of the three gloves will have the unique Under Armour premium grip system built into them, meaning that maximal control is given to the wearer of the glove, as well as being integrated with soft cabretta leather which gives a taut yet comfortable feel. The Strikeskin Tour model has a classic golf glove look to it, but it still manages to stay up to a professional standard during the swinging process. The tanned cabretta leather that is used in the glove has closure tabs that have been built into the glove, meaning that no matter the golfer, a tight and comfortable fit is guaranteed.

    The CoolSwitch golf glove has brought to the table some new technology when it comes to golf gloves. There is a brand new type of coating on the glove that has been designed with the goal of pulling heat away from the skin of the wearer, which makes the golfer’s hand cooler even if you are playing in very hot climates. This prevents the glove from sticking due to sweat and will substantially increase the length of high performance for the glove, so you don’t need to be constantly replacing it. The Strikeskin Camo golf glove is made with a lot of the technology as seen in the Tour version of the glove and is available in a wide variety of colors.