This year’s leading drivers in the market

    This year’s leading drivers in the market

    Every New Year sees the introduction of more new shiny drivers to the market. Every golfer knows the great feeling that comes with purchasing a large new driver, promising greater distance and the opportunity to work the ball a lot better. Due to the huge amount of driver son the market it can become very overwhelming and often more of a guessing game when you are trying to find the driver that suits your specific needs the best. Each year, the technology and innovation of these clubs reaches new bounds, meaning that more than ever before the drivers can be more forgiving to the average golfer and allow you to work the ball a lot better and hit it further for the better players.

    Normally the best port of call when deciding to buy any new clubs is to enlist the help of a licensed PGA professional, using a licensed launch monitor that analyses your game and scientifically identifies which club is the best for your swing type and speed. However, you still need to learn more about the leading driver son the market, so this is where this article will come in handy as you familiarise yourself with all of the leading options that are available to you.

    The Callaway XR 16 is a revolutionary new driver in the Callaway range. While you may have thought that many driver sin recent years have looked like a twisted model of a space ship, Callaway teamed up with the experts of aviation Boeing when designing the crown of this driver. This allows the new XR driver to be substantially more aerodynamic than any of its predecessors. This will help you to swing the club at greater speeds and therefore increase your distance off the tee. The wright has been better distributed around the club head to allow more forgiveness for your errant tee shots. There is a pro version of the club available to purchase also, allowing a greater amount of workability when shaping the ball.

    The Ping G utilises new Dragon Fly technology to save a substantial amount of weight in the crown area of the club. This places the centre of gravity further back on the club head, meaning that you will achieve a greater launch trajectory and more forgiveness off the tee. New technologies have also been used in the design of the club head to make it more dynamic, decreasing the amount of drag and maximising the club head speed throughout impact. There are two other versions of the club available; a LSM Tec version that is designed for low spin and a SF Tec driver that has a draw bias element to it. All of these versions allow you to adjust the loft of the club be a single degree either higher or lower.

    The TaylorMade M1 driver has been made much lighter than any other previous iterations of the club, with the carbon composite crown allowing you to have a couple of sliding weights which are located on the sole of the driver, one of which will allow you to adjust the spin levels and the spin on the shot, while the other will allow you to alter the shape of the shot. There is also a an option on the driver to adjust the hosel for twelve different loft options, so you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to customises this driver to your specific needs. This is a great driver for those who love tinkering with their game and equipment depending on what type of conditions they are faced with or through the shape of their game at a certain moment in time.

    The Cobra King F6+ driver has been released as Cobra’s most customisable club that they have ever produced. You have the option to adjust the lofts through the hosel, as well as having an 18g weight that you can alter in a total of five different positions in order to exactly suit your needs when it comes to compromising between distance and spin levels. You also have a wide variety of colors to choose from, white, blue and the classic black crown color options.

    The Callaway Great Big Bertha is the latest in what is perhaps the most famous range of drivers that were ever produced. As always, the Big Bertha has a classic look to it which shows off the great speed and distance that you will generate through the clubface. The matt black finish adds a certain touch of class to what is an iconic club range. There are customisable options built into the club, with a 10g sliding weight which allows you to increase your accuracy off the tee when you change it to suit the shape of your traditional tee shot. You also have a plethora of shaft options to choose between, a round dozen in total depending on what your favoured club weight is. The face of the club has been revamped with new technology to allow for more forgiveness when the ball is not struck at the centre of the face.

    The Mizuno JPX EZ driver has a unique flat look to it that is not seen in most modern drivers. It has a sole weight that can be change dot three different positions depending on whether or not you want to draw or fade the ball. The idea behind the size of the head is to provide a greater level of confidence when addressing the ball. You also have the option to change the loft by a total of four degrees, simply by adjusting the hosel. This variability gives you many different options to play with to find the ideal loft for your specific needs.

    The Nike Vapour Fly is the latest in the Vapour line of drivers. Thanks to the thinner nature of the club’s crown, it is now 30% lighter than its predecessor in the range. This allows for a lower centre of gravity, meaning that spin levels can be controlled and a higher launch is promised, meaning more forgiveness off the tee for wayward drivers of the ball. The bottom channel has bene redesigned to allow for decreased aerodynamic lag, meaning that more energy will be transferred to the ball during impact, while still providing you with a stable and comfortable feeling upon striking the ball. There are two other club options available to you; the Pro version and the Flex 440 which allows you to adjust the weight son the club head for launch and spin requirements.

    The Srixon Z355 utilises brand new Action Mass Technology in order to place more weight into the club head, leading to greater levels of speed and providing a more stable base at impact. The reason that this weight shift is effective is thanks to the balance point of the shaft being moved closer to the grip, giving the illusion that the club is lighter when you hold it. You also have a dozen different face angle and loft settings by simply adjusting the hosel.

    The Titleist 915 model has a strong aerodynamic channel on the sole of the club like its previous version. This dep channel allows for lower spin levels and higher ball speeds, meaning more forgiveness off the tee while still maximising distance. The standard model comes with a head that is 460cc, while the D3 version has more customisable options at a 440cc head.