Ping G25 Drivers Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G25 falls into the category of game improvement drivers and it retails for $349, featuring a Ping TFC 189 shaft (graphite). If I’d had to describe the G25 in just a few words, I’d say that even if it’s an “older” generation driver, it still is everything you’d expect from Ping’s G series: a long, straight and highly forgiving piece of golf gear. Despite featuring a relatively big footprint, some of the biggest in the “business” (and expected somehow from a game improvement driver), the G25 looks slick due to its cleverly matte black design. But despite its colorful “travesty” (actually it’s all black from head to toe), I find Ping’s really big footprint very confidence inspiring, and I bet that’s not only my opinion about that matter.

    Also, having a humongous sweet spot, the G25 is fairly easy to hit, and that’s awesome too. As per its sound upon ball impact, this baby sounds calm, not very loud at all, but not whisper quiet in the same time. It’s more like a metallic crack than everything else, and the same is the case with most modern drivers, so nothing to write home about that. But what’s really impressive about the Ping G25 is its performance, and especially the tons of forgiveness that this driver has to offer.  Some picky golfers would even find it boring, because all you have to do is to put a decent swing into play, and the rest is clockwork: the ball will go high and straight, spot on, round after round. The stock shaft is also high quality, feeling like it was custom-made for the respective head, and that’s again a pleasant surprise. Bottom line, I would highly recommend this baby to any golfer; regardless of your skill level, you’ll have lots of fun with the Ping G25 on the golf course, and that’s amazing in my book!